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Exercise for deep balance

Watch a short Hormonyoga class. You can find many more classes and exercises of different length and kind in our online yoga.

About Ellen

Ellen is deeply passionate about helping women find themselves, total recuperation, their own inner power and inspiration in life. Through Hormonyoga, prenatal yoga, lifestyle and dietary choices, you can live the best time of your life right now!

More about Ellen

Medical yoga for women

Hormony Yoga offers medical yoga for women, online and on site. The range is wide so that you find something that suits you where you are right now in life. You can exercise at home or wherever you are. You can come to a workshop or retreat with yoga for women with different themes, such as yoga for the adrenal glands, hormone balance, detox and joy of life, hormonyoga, pregnancy yoga and much more.

If you want to work with this you can come to training in Hormonyoga and pregnancy yoga, the market’s leading education in the area: Yoga teacher training courses were developed by Ellen Engvall who is Midwife, Medi yoga therapist and teacher.