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HormonyYoga – Medical yoga for women – Teacher training

You can partially do this yoga teacher training remotely via Zoom

4-5/9 Friday kl. 9-17, Saturday kl. 9-16

29-30/10 Thursday at. 9-17 and Friday at. 9-16

26-27/11 Thursday at. 9-17 and Friday at 9-16

15/1 – Thursday at. 9-17

The hormones plays a key role in our wellbeing: they regulate our mood, thought processes, energy levels and our sex drive. However, the hormonal system can easily fall out of balance and stress is usually the culprit. But it can also be caused by many other factors. Both women and men are impacted by hormonal imbalances, but women more so. This is because women have constant hormonal cycles that fluctuates throughout their entire lifetime, even after menopause. This is why many women suffer hormonal imbalances such as PMD, infertility, PCOS and menopausal issue, no matter what life phase they’re in. And many of these women don’t know that their hormones are responsible for these issues.

The lack knowledge about women’s health, and how we can self-care and create balance ourselves, is widespread in today’s society. Unfortunately, the healthcare sector doesn´t have much to bring to the table either. Women need help to find themselves and their inner center, cultivate wellbeing, discover their inner feminine powers, inspiration and joy of living. This is why I created this teacher training, so that you can cultivate these beautiful aspects within every woman you meet, including yourself.

The goal with this teacher training
This training is a stand-alone, refined and updated form of yoga developed to wholeheartedly serve the special needs of women. The training is a marketing leading program within the field of women’s health, and is designed for women who wants to know more about stress, hormones and women’s health from both a western medicine perspective as well as a yogic viewpoint. You’ll get to learn the unique self-healing tools of HormonyYoga that are developed to help women with their stress symptoms and various hormonal imbalances. This program will also train you in helping women find their path to themselves and their inner center while cultivate wellbeing, discovering their inner feminine powers and joy of living.

The teacher training includes 7 full days, distributed over 4 modules (2+2+2+1 days) with around 6 weeks in between. Between the teacher led days/sessions, you will work with both practical and theoretical homework. Module 1 and module 4 has mandatory attendance in person. Module 2 and 3 will take place in person, but you can also attend remotely via zoom if it works better for you. If fewer than 6 people are coming to the yoga studio then modules 2 and 3 will be done via Zoom for everyone.

The training program consists of 75 hours of scheduled class time and 150 hours of home studies. The practical experience and learning is just as important as the theoretical part, and thus the training involves practical home studies where you as a student get to practice the daily yoga sessions and meditations that are included in the curriculum. You will also work independently with instructing the yoga sessions.

Course program:

Modul 1, 2 dagar:
• 2 HormonyYoga and meditation sessions
• Fundamental yoga techniques and their application: breathwork, mantras, mudras, dristi
• The fundamentals of HormonyYoga
• The hormones and the anatomy and physiology of the glands: hypophysis, thyroid, adrenal glands, ovaries and pancreas. The body’s stress response and the HPA-axis.

Module 2, 2 days:
• 2 HormonyYoga and meditation sessions
• Sharing your previous HormonyYoga practice and your own teachings
• Hormonal diseases and issues in the different phases of life such as PMS, menstrual pain, infertility, PCOS, menopausal symptoms and female aging
• Stress and burnout, and their impact on the hormonal system
• Stress och utbrändhet och dess inverkan på hormonsystemet
• Guest speaker Peter Feldt, chiropractor, author and lecturer, talks about howthe different parts of the spine are connected to the hormonal system

Module 3, 2 days:
• 2 HormonyYoga and meditation sessions
• Sharing your previous HormonyYoga practice and your own teachings
• Lifestyle factors that impacts hormonal balance
• 7 steps to a vibrant life
• Yogic philosophy in practice
• Guest speaker Maria Mickelsbacka, expert in anti-inflammatory diet and women’s health, talks about anti-inflammatory diet and hormonal balance

Module 4, 1 day:
• 2 HormonyYoga and meditation sessions
• Sharing your previous HormonyYoga practice and your own teachings
• Yogic philosophy in practice and how you can live and teach HormonyYoga
• How you can work with HormonyYoga, course set-up, different workshops and retreats
• Diploma and program completion ceremony

Your teacher
Ellen Engvall, is a midwife as well as a Mediyoga teacher/therapist since 2010, trained by Göran Boll. She has gathered experience from teaching Mediyoga between the years 2011-2020, and has during that period trained more that 500 instructors and teachers.

HormonyYoga – Medical yoga for women is a concept developed by Ellen after many years of service and experience of working with women as a midwife, gynecologist, prenatal care, childbirth and aftercare as well as teachings within Mediyoga. After 10 years of utilization, HormonyYoga is now a carefully refined, widely practices and evaluated form of yoga.

Prior knowledge
You need to have a basic yoga training consisting of at least 100 practice hours or an equivalent program of a similar form of body-mind training. Alternatively, a trained midwife. Not sure if you have sufficient prior knowledge? Please feel welcome to contact me.

Course material

Course workbook, access to online-training including the guiding yoga sessions designed for home practice. You will also have access to each class in video format.

Course workbook, access to online-training including the guiding yoga sessions designed for home practice. You will also have access to each class in video format.

12 950 SEK incl. 25% VAT on the theoretical part (50% of the total cost) and 6% VAT on the practical yoga part (50% of the total cost).


“A very interesting and contemporary training program with content that each and every woman should learn about! I liked how it involved plenty of home studies and exercises. Beautiful yoga classes that I myself a going to love to teach, so that more women get to understand the true benefits of HormonyYoga!”

“Ellen is a highly pedagogical down-to-earth person with a lot of clinical experience and knowledge. She conveys this in a professional way and has developed these hormonal balance classes beautifully, and they do give big results!”

“As a woman, this teacher training has given me a lot of experience and understanding on how I, as a yoga teacher, can meet people on a new level. Women are truly special and this training most definitely provide tools that you can use in your everyday life, and not only as an ever-growing yoga therapist. Many thanks to you Ellen, for the fantastic knowledge base you possess and give to all of us!”



September 4
15 January, 2021
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Finntorpsvägen 5A
Nacka, 13146 Sverige


Ellen Engvall

Reviews from students

Top class Medical yoga teacher trainings

HormonyYoga offers the market´s leading teacher training programmes within Hormonyoga and Pregnancy yoga with a focus on women’s health and pregnancy. These revolutionary yoga teaching trainings are developed for yoga teachers who want to start working within these fields.

The demand for both Hormonyoga and Prenatal yoga is huge today, and women’s health is a subject that we truly need to prioritize in society today as stress, burnout and mental health issues are rising.