About Ellen

Yoga for women is a concept developed by Ellen, where hormonal balance, joy of life, clarity and flow are the keywords in her teachings. Ellen is deeply passionate about helping women find themselves and their center, recuperation and their inner power and inspiration in life.

MediYoga Teacher

Ellen is a great source of inspiration who truly lives and practices what she teaches. Full of life force and joy, soft and feminine yet strong and radiant! She renews herself and her knowledge regularly to keep it fresh, and her pedagogy is based on extensive experience within the fields of yoga and women’s health and needs.

During the recent five years, she has trained more than 500 instructors and teachers in Mediyoga and in her own concepts Yoga for hormonal balance and pregnancy yoga. Yoga for women has always been the natural niche for Ellen since the demand is huge. Many women today has a need to learn about the depths of life as a woman as well as the hormonal system and how to cultivate hormonal balance

Ellen has many years of experience working with women who has PMS, struggle with infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, menopausal issues and reduced life sparkle and vitality after menopause. Another large group in need are all the stressed and burnt out women who also experience multiple hormonal related issues. Ellen Engvall offers yoga for women who want to discover their true inner power and start to love themselves and life to the fullest..

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