Anti-stress Nose plugs

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Breath yourself healthy, breath yourself calm, breath yourself sleepy. Breath yourself alert, clear and focused. Does it sound like a contradiction? It isn’t. Our breathing impacts our autonomous nervoussystem, in other words our wellbeing and our emotions. And depending on which nostril youbreathe through, you may experience different effects.

With the IDA Nose plug you take long breaths and only breathe through one nostril at a time.

Using the nose plug is quick, easy and effective. Results can be experienced after 11 minutes. No side effects.Suitable for both women and men. It is now used in a large scale study on
how to lower blood pressure.

The IDA nose plug is a completely new and unique product on the market. It was tested in a large scale study at Lunds University to reveal the effects of alternately breathing on the blood pressure. Science shows us that alternative breathing can combat stress related diseases, lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as improve memory.

In order to select the right size for you, please measure the length of your nostril. Having the proper size is important to assure the lowest possible pressure on your mucous membrane.

The nose plug can be washed with soap and water, or boiled for reuse. You should not lend it to other people.

Use IDA Nose Plug when…

  • You are on a long drive and need to stay alert
  • You need to increase focus and concentration
  • You wake up tired and need to kickstart your day
  • You need a boost of energy
  • You want to take a nap on the train or during long flights
  • You have a hard time falling asleep and want to avoid sleeping pills
  • You need to de-stress and rewind
  • You practice lengthy breathing exercises

Instructions for use


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