Lymph Symphony Aroma-roller


Lymph Symphony

An aroma blend with essential oils to support a healthy lymph flow.

The statement “Go with the flow” is well suited for this aroma oil.

The lymphatic system can get out of balance for many different reasons such as hormonal imbalance, poor diet and of emotions that we have a hard time letting go of.

The mixture contains various essential oils that harmonize and stimulate the lymphatic system. It supports the process of resolving blockages and stagnation on several levels. A combination of scents that acts as a symphony for body, mind and soul.


Grapefruit: Purifies and balances everything.
Helichrysum: Purifies, harmonizes and supports detoxification.
Cisterose: Supports, stimulates and is said to promote healing. It also works on the emotional level. It softens what has become hard, opens what has stagnated to provide flow and warmth where it is cold.

Roll the Lymph Symphony at your lymph stations before doing yoga, before the massage and whenever you want to capture the feeling “Go with the flow”.