Right of withdrawal

This applies from the time you receive the product:

You have a 14-days right of withdrawal when you shop remotely or outside the seller’s business premises. NOTE! The right of withdrawal only applies to unbroken packaging or damaged product.
The withdrawal period begins to run the day after you receive the item. If you buy a service, the withdrawal period is calculated from the day after you entered into the agreement. You can of course regret even before the withdrawal period has started by contacting the seller and notify this.
In the case of outreach telephone sales, an agreement has only been entered into after you have confirmed it in writing. The requirement for writing includes written agreements both in paper form and in electronic form, for example by e-mail or text message.
The seller must give you information on how to cancel the purchase before entering into the agreement. If the seller has not given you sufficient information, the withdrawal period will be extended.
The right of withdrawal does not apply to all types of purchases. For example, it does not apply when you buy a trip.
Remember to repent in writing and save a copy as proof.
If you regret your purchase, contact Ellen via the following contact form.

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