What is HormonyYoga?

Medical yoga for women, a body-mind training for physical, mental and emotional balance. The tool all women need for hormonal balance and to find their own feminine power and joy of life.

Create balance on all levels

Hormonal balance is important for creating harmony between body, mind and emotions

Grounded presence

To feel and act on what truly matters to you, you need to be present in the here and now

Cultivate self love

Respect yourself, feel healthy and vital and create the life you are longing for

Discover your inner feminine powers

Vitality, joy and clarity are the recipe for experiencing flow in your life.

Tantric yoga (which actually has nothing to do with sex) was originally developed for everyday people, and back in the day it used to be called the householders yoga. This yoga form is intended for regular people who wants to live a more conscious everyday life. The tantric yoga traditions involves yoga exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayamas), mantras (sounds, singing and chanting) as well as hand and finger gestures (mudras). These tradition sees the body as a temple for the soul, which you take good care of in order to live your life to the fullest. A life where you basically strive to be the absolute best version of yourself while living from your heart.

HormonyYoga is a self healing tool that is optimal for improving one’s physical, mental as well as emotional balance. It was created to serve as tool in therapeutic contexts, to build hormonal balance and vitality throughout an entire lifetime (Both on a physical, mental and emotional level). The keys of hormonal balance is stress management, stress reduction and recuperation, and these are given a great deal of focus within the teachings of HormonyYoga. This makes HormonyYoga the perfect tool for all women wanting to master all phases of their lives, and to create a lifestyle filled with great joy and radiant inspiration. HormonyYoga is suited for women of all ages, whether they experience hormonal symptoms or not. Every woman out there need to be able to handle stress and cultivate recuperation on a daily basis. The most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance are PMS, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, menopausal issues and reduced vitality.

HormonyYoga is a calm and meditative form of Yoga: a body mind training that quiets the mind, creates space for recuperation, enhances your bodily awareness and balances your nervous system as well as your hormonal system. Moreover, HormonyYoga practice contributes to increased mobility, flexibility and stamina. The focus of HormonyYoga is not solely put on the physical body, but also the human being as a whole. Therefore, personal development, anti-inflammatory diet and other lifestyle arrangements are an important part of the practice as well. Everyone can practice HormonyYoga. This is because the exercises are simple and easily adoptable by most people, and many of them can be carried out in a sitting position (such as sitting on a chair).

HormonyYoga combines the ancient yoga traditions and yoga philosophies with modern science of yoga and meditation. The concept itself is developed by Ellen Engvall, who is a midwife and Mediyoga teacher and therapist. It has been successfully employed and used within the private sector as well as within health care since 2011. HormonyYoga has its roots in the tantric tradition and the yoga movements are inspired by MediYoga, which was originally called Medicinal yoga. Mediyoga is a therapeutic form of yoga developed by Göran Boll for Swedish healthcare. No other form of yoga has been as extensively researched as Mediyoga, and the practice is now conducted at hundreds of Swedish care units as of today. Between 2014 and 2020, Ellen has trained more that 500 instructors and teachers within Mediyoga and in her very own concept of yoga for hormonal balance and pregnancy yoga, Today her yoga for hormonal balance and pregnancy yoga teachings are completely stand-alone.

Hormonal balance

Having your hormones in balance is central for our well being and optimal bodily function. When reaching hormonal balance we feel calm, vital, deeply satisfied and alive.


Pregnancy yoga is the best tool for reaching maximal wellbeing for both you and your baby throughout the whole pregnancy. It is also the number one way to prepare yourself for parenthood.

Medical yoga for women

Hormony Yoga offers medical yoga for women, online and on site. The range is wide so that you can find what that suits you, where you are right now in life. You can exercise at home or wherever you are. You can come to a workshop or retreat with yoga for women with different themes, such as yoga for the adrenal glands, hormone balance, detox and joy of life, hormonyoga, pregnancy yoga and much more.

If you want to work within this field of yoga, you can sign up for a teacher training in Hormonyoga and pregnancy yoga, the market’s leading education in the area. Yoga teacher training courses were developed by Ellen Engvall who is a Midwife, Mediyoga therapist and teacher.