Hormonal balance is something that ranks high on many womens wishlist. Your hormones are essentially what governs many bodily processes, your mood, thought process, energy levels and sex drive. The hormonal system may easily be knocked out of balance, and it is well known that stress is by far the number one reason as to why women don’t feel well in today’s society.

In the long run, the stress hormones produced by the adrenal glands creates an imbalance throughout the entire hormonal system. This leads to both physical, emotional and mental problems. Furthermore, a woman’s hormones naturally fluctuates throughout her entire lifetime.

It all starts in puberty when the production of female hormones begins, which causes intense fluctuations. The same thing happens during menopause when the hormonal levels drops.
In between those phases, monthly cycles take place which for many women means issues such as PMS, endometriosis, infertility and PCOS. In addition, pregnancy and childbirth also impacts the hormones which in turn impacts overall wellbeing.

To be able to find hormonal balance, we must consider everything from stress reduction, optimizing for recuperation, eating healthy and live in alignment with our values and wishes. With that being said, hormonal balance is truly the golden key to unlock balance in all aspects of our life.

Online Practice

All included

  • 8 HormonyYoga sessions
  • 3 Pregnancy yoga sessions
  • Deep & balancing breathwork
  • 10 sessions of deep and balancing breathwork and meditation
  • 2 sessions of breathwork and stamina training
  • Instructions on the fundamental techniques
  • Instructions on the training schedule and regimen
  • HormonyYoga videos
  • Pregnancy yoga videos
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Unique video classes in Hormone Balance

Most women today feel their hormones in one way or another. Therefore, hormone balance is high on many women’s wish list. Hormones are the ones that control a variety of processes in the body, mood, mindset, energy level and desire. You can help the body to balance and thus affect your sensation on your own.

Yoga for increased life sparkle

With HormonyYoga, you practice hormone balance yoga to reach well being, both physically, mentally and emotionally. It is the perfect tool for all women of all ages. Everyone can practice Hormonyoga, because it is a calm and meditative form of body mind training. You will get to learn the art and practice of medical yoga for women, and you will also learn about diet and interrelated lifestyle choices that are bound to increase your joy and overall vitality.