Pregnancy is a time of great change, both physically and psychologically. The body undergoes many changes while your belly grows. Some mothers feel better than ever, while others feel sick and bad during the majority of the pregnancy. Psychologically, pregnancy is truly a time of introspection where the woman have the opportunity to process her own relationship with her parents, particularly with the mother.

But it is also a time of parenthood preparation together with the partner, if there happen to be one. Giving birth to your first child could easily count as one of life’s biggest crisis, because it is a dramatically transformational experience on many levels. Life will never be the same again.

Practicing pregnancy yoga is an excellent way of preparing for childbirth and parenthood, but also to cultivate wellbeing amidst the great shift that takes place during pregnancy.
In this form of yoga, we work both physically and emotionally as well as mentally. The physical part of the exercises cultivates agility, stamina and relaxation in the body.

When it comes to the emotional part, pregnancy yoga creates a sense of calm and stillness. A reduction in fear is also commonly observed and the practitioners trust in her own capacity to go through the childbirth is strengthened. Mental wise, pregnancy yoga fortifies the woman’s ability to focus, find the right direction and cultivate a healthy and positive attitude.

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  • 8 HormonyYoga sessions
  • 3 Pregnancy yoga sessions
  • Deep & balancing breathwork
  • 10 sessions of deep and balancing breathwork and meditation
  • 2 sessions of breathwork and stamina training
  • Instructions on the fundamental techniques
  • Instructions on the training schedule and regimen
  • HormonyYoga videos
  • Pregnancy yoga videos
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Unique video classes in pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood are a unique, amazing and for many an exhausting time. Pregnancy yoga helps you to be calm, strong and prepared in all that is and will come. Invest in practicing pregnancy yoga a few times a week and exercising every day so you feel better, prepare yourself and stand firm when extra strength is needed.

Pregnancy yoga courses that benefits both mother and child

A course in pregnancy yoga is exactly what all pregnant women need today. Pregnancy yoga reduces stress while increasing wellbeing for both mother and child during pregnancy.

Moreover, it is also one of the most natural ways of preparing for childbirth as well as an effective approach to parenthood preparation and all that it entails. In the long term, it is a practice that develops a sense of calm and balance in the mother while simultaneously creating a beautiful start for the newborn baby.