Deep balance blend Meditation Oil


Radiant Women Deep Balance Blend – Meditation, is an oil for every woman in any moment. To feel uplifted, focused, clear minded and close to the heart.Put 2 drops on the inside of the wrist, rub them together and inhale the fragrance a few times. Use it when you meditate, during yoga practice or when you need energy, and to get in a better mood.

Table of Contents
● Jojoba oil 
● Pine is distilled from the leaves of the pinetree 
● Red Mandarine  is a coldpress from the peel of the red mandarine fruit 
● Cederwood is a steamdistilation of the wood from the Cedartree
● Bergamot FCF it’s a coldpress of the peel from the Bergamot citrus fruits 
● Vetiver is a steamdistilation of the roots from the vetiver plant
● Rose is a steamdistilation of the flowers from the rosa damascene plant


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